Keep Your Animals Penned In

Keep Your Animals Penned In

You can opt for a metal, cedar or vinyl ranch fence in the Billings, MT area

When it comes to ranch fences, many people opt for three- or four-strand wire fences with H braces. If you want to add one of these fences to your property, you can turn to Summit Fence LLC. Our ranch fence builders serve Billings, MT and all surrounding areas.

In addition to three- or four-strand wire fences, we also install:

  • Three- and four-rail vinyl ranch fences
  • Cedar split rail ranch fences
  • Four- and five-rail continuous panel ranch fences

When you've made your choice, reach out to our team for an estimate on fence installation services. We offer free estimates within 50 miles of Billings, MT.

How long will we take to build your fence?

Depending on the size of the project, our ranch fence builders can get your fence standing within three to five days. We'll keep fire watch and safety professionals on hand to make sure that the installation is completed safely. Plan your metal, cedar or vinyl ranch fence installation with our team to get a fence for your livestock in only a few days.